Faq's, Problems and other stuff

Why can't I install the CD (Dutch version)

You are probably working with Windows NT or Windows 98SE. The install script appears to have some problems with these version. Download a fix to this problem from the download page

There is a large difference between the sound of the movie fragments and the rest of the sound

We have tuned the volumes of those two types of sound to have equal volume, we did this for a soundblaster compatible sound card. If you're sound volume differs to much, please turn to the provider of your sound card for help

In some parts the sound is missing (English version) when I partly install the CD.

This is a bug in the CD, it only appears when the CD is partly installed. We are working on it to fix this problem, please visit it our site frequently to look for a fix.

If I run the CD from my DVD/CD-ROM it is very slow.

This is a problem with certain types of DVD CD-Rom players, more information will follow soon.

If I try to install the CD from a network CD-Rom it keeps asking for the CD, while it is really there (even after I have the downloaded the patch (Dutch version)).

This is caused by the copy protection of the CD-Rom. If it would be possible to install via a network, and thus also play via a network, it would be possible that the CD is used by more than one user. Installation of the CD is only possible on a PC with his own CD-Rom player.

If have installed the CD (German Version) on a Windows 98SE system. Installation was finished OK but now i try to run the program and i keeps asking for the CD while it is in the player

This problem is sometimes encountered with some CD-ROM players. A user using a Samsung SCR-3231 player could get rid of the problem by installing a different one. More info about players having these types of problems is on the Microsoft support internet site.

If I try to install the CD on a Windows NT/2000 installation is aborted with a DosExecPgm error.

This is an unsolved Installation wizard error. There are some remedies. More info can be found on:http://www.installsite.org/pages/bugs_is61.htm#DosExecPgm