Process control of 

activated sludge plants

by microscopic investigation

Languages: English, German, Dutch, Japanes

The first multimedia product from ASIS comprises a handbook and a CD-ROM concerning "Process control of activated sludge plants by microscopic sludge investigation". This package is the successor to the "Microscopic sludge investigation manual" from 1981/1983. The old handbook only describes how microscopic sludge investigation should be carried out. The new package explains how these findings should be interpreted and the best manner for tackling operational problems. It is an ‘Expert System’ on activated sludge, based on 30 years of experience. Although the handbook and CD-ROM can also be used separately, both products are complementary to one another. The manual emphasises theory, while the CD-ROM further clarifies it through numerous illustrations. The CD-ROM contains almost 100 short videos, almost 600 photographs, a number of animations and over 70 minutes of audio. In its entirety, this forms a world leading and unique package for process control, trouble shooting, training and information. The Dutch,English and German language version of this package are  available.

Modules CD-ROM

·        'Process control' starts with an explanation of the basic principles of the activated sludge process. Then the effect of the process conditions on the composition of the biomass is demonstrated.. In "Trouble Shooting" major operational problems are discussed and solutions are presented.

·        'Sludge Investigation' includes a complete course programme. It is demonstrated how microscopic sludge investigation should be carried out properly.

·        In 'Encyclopedia', 170 subjects concerning operation and control of activated sludge plants are further explained.

·        'Demo' is a nice tool for demonstrating the biology of the process to visitors of treatment plants (e.g. school classes)  


System demands:

MMX Pentium 166 MHz processor

32 MB RAM Internal memory

16 bits VGA Color Monitor 800 x 600 Pixels

4 speed CD-ROM player

16 bits sound card

2 MB Video Card

Window 95


Microsoft Mediaplayer

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