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Identification and Control of
Filamentous Micro-organisms
in Industrial
Wastewater Treatment Plants

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This CD-ROM presents completely new information about the filamentous population responsible for poor settling sludge (bulking) in industrial wastewater treatment plants (WTPs), viz. essential information for everybody responsible for stable plant operation. About 120 minutes audio is supported by numerous photographs, video's, cartoons, tables and animations. All together, more than 1000 illustrations are included on the CD-ROM.

The information presented is based on the results obtained during Macobs and Dynafilm, two EU sponsored research projects carried out in the period 1998-2004 by a consortium comprised of Dutch (Bioclear and TNO), Italian (IRSA-CNR), Danish (TU Aalborg) and German (Vermicon) partners. The research program included about 200 WTPs, covering a wide range of industrial branches. It has been ascertained that the filamentous populations in industrial WTPs largely differs from those in domestic plants.

Modules CD-ROM

The 'Identification Methods' module comprehensively explains and demonstrates the more traditional identification of filamentous organisms through phase contrast microscopy as well as the modern identification through Fluorescence In Situ Hybridisation (FISH). As many so-called probes, needed for the application of FISH, are still missing, a complete identification of the filamentous organisms present requires the application of both methods. The module ends with three identification keys.

The 'Filamentous Micro-organisms' module begins with a survey of the 80 filamentous morphotypes observed in industrial WTPs. Subsequently, their nutritional requirements, as far as is known, and their frequency occurrence is discussed, after which control strategies are briefly summarized.

Encyclopaedia 1 is largely identical to the Encyclopaedia included on the "Process control" CD-ROM, also distributed through IWA Publishing, but is extended with subjects such as FISH and Probes. In the latter you will find the composition of most new gene probes developed during Macobs and Dynafilm.

All filamentous morphotypes observed are described in more detail in Encyclopaedia 2, together with numerous references for further reading. All files are presented in printable PDF format as well.

Finally, company profiles of the European partners participating in Dynafilm are presented in the module 'Dynafilm Consortium'.

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