About ASIS

ASIS (activated sludge information systems) is a company which makes scientific information concerning activated sludge systems more easily accessible for those working in the field. ASIS produces CD-ROMS and manuals dealing with subjects such as process stability, bulking, scum formation and microscopic activated sludge investigation. These multimedia products are primarily intended for process operators. However, the information presented is also very useful for other people responsible for construction or operation of biological wastewater treatment plants. Our products are also excellent tools for training courses.  


ASIS was set up by Dick H. Eikelboom and Arie Draaijer in 1999.


Address       :

Asis VOF

Deventerweg 38

7203 AK Zutphen

The Netherlands

Telephone +31 575 513267


E-mail eikelboom@asissludge.com



Internet www.asissludge.com