Filamentous micro-organisms in industrial plants

Filamentous bulking is still a serious problem in numerous industrial activated sludge plants.

During a six year (1998-2004), EU sponsored research program about 80 filamentous micro-organisms were observed in industrial sludges, many completely unknown so far. The samples originated from 175 treatment plants, covering a wide range of industrial sectors.

Every month one of these filamentous organisms will be presented on this website in a Pdf file. The information provided includes their morphological features, a photo and, when available, which probes should be used for identification through FISH, their nutritional requirements and control options. The complete results are summarized on a CD-ROM entitled "Identification and control of filamentous micro-organisms in industrial wastewater treatment plants (see 'our products' for ordering info).

Filamentous types highlighted this month

Microthrix calida
Microthrix parvicella

Previous Filaments of the Month

Alysiosphaera europaea
Alysiomicrobium bavaricum
Nostocoida limicola 1
Combothrix italica
Haliscomenobacter hydrossis 
Isosphaera sp. 
Meganema perideroedes 
Leptothrix  discophora